A Warrior’s Path

A collection of Mike Holden’s finest works of Art.

View A Warriors Path.

Artwork by: Mike Holden, Royal Alberta Museum

Original Artwork, Fine-Day, Wandering Spirit and Thunderbird Warrior have all been permanently acquired by the Royal Alberta Museum!

Fine-Day by: Mike Holden

Wandering Spirit by: Mike Holden

Wandering Spirit by: Mike Holden

Thunderbird Warrior by: Mike Holden



Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta, Mike Holden exhibition

Mike Holden is very proud to have his exhibit ‘A Warriors Path’ to be exhibited at the Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta (CAVA) until Friday, November 9th, 2018.

Be sure to swing by!

Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta

 9103 95 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 1Z4




CBC ‘Young Indigenous artists paint their stories on big paper heads’.

CBC story here:


Mike Holden taking on the professional Mentor-ship role, helping and guiding the youth in making their creations along side Francophone Professional Artist Virginie Rainville

Youth’s creations from left to right.

Mahihkan (Cree for Wolf)

Wapos (Cree for Rabbit)


Piyisiw (Cree for Thunderbird)




Youth’s creations from left to right.

Mahihkan (Cree for Wolf)

Wapos (Cree for Rabbit)


Piyisiw (Cree for Thunderbird)

City Skyline Art

Mike Holden’s style of City Skyline Art has grown over the years…

Redmonton Part ll

Redmonton Part lll

Orion’s Belt, Wesakechak

Van City and The Sisters



Land and Spirit Exhibit

Mike Holden was featured in the Art Exhibit, Land and Spirit at the National Gathering of Elders 2017.

CBC News Story here,




Mike Holden Art Showcase

Precision Imaging has been providing only the best in Art reproduction for Mike Holden Art over the years. In business for 10 years, whether you’re an artist, photographer, or simply just have a good memory on photo. Here is just a short list of what Precision Imaging can do for you!


48″ x 60″ Canvas Gallery-wrap for the Strathcona Regiment. The original image was a scan of a photograph they found at the base. Pictured is the Strathconas in 1903 during a stop-over in London on their way back from the Boer War. Included in the image is Lord Strathcona (who started the Strathcona Regiment with his own money) and Sam Steele (of RCMP fame).

Mike Holden picking up a fresh batch of prints!

A Canvas Gallery-wrap. The very first print created for Mike Holden Art. Done by none other than Precision Imaging.




With approximately 90,000 Native Americans living in NYC, it is home to the largest urban indigenous population in the US. Seated on Lenape territory, built by significant labor contributions from Mohawk iron workers, and inhabited by peoples from countless nations across Turtle Island, NYC is a mecca of indigenous diversity. NYC is also known as the home of immigrants and their descendants, many of whom fled the oppressive effects of colonization in their own homelands. The universality that all New Yorkers share is their dream for a better future for their generations. Protection of water and land, and resistance to capitalistic exploitation are becoming increasingly vital to that dream. Because of its cultural diversity, NYC is home to the United Nations where the world has come together to create the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As our medicine wheel teaches us, everyone was once indigenous to somewhere, and all peoples hold a sacred place and possess a sacred knowledge in the hoop, as gifted to them by the Creator. NYC represents a place to work toward repairing the hoop, and healing all peoples of the world to realize the dreams of our ancestors.

Work In Progress

Thunderbird Beauty & Power

40″ x 50″

Acrylic on Canvas


A Beautiful Collaboration with Poet Lady Vanessa

Title: Lessons from Mother Deer to Eagle Son
Art by: Mike Holden Art
Poetry by: Lady Vanessa

The day I gave birth to you
I saw what the Creator had painted
gifted you with the sharpest eye-sight in this kingdom

You will be the lion of the sky
Protector of Mother Earth
I will teach you mountains full of lessons

You may carry my heart on your wings
but you alone must learn to fly

Art Showcase at the University of Alberta COMING UP!!



Mike Holden will be part of a free art exhibit to be held at The Art Company, Saturday, October 15th, 2016.

Hours and address:

10AM – 5PM

8730 51 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5E8

More details on the facebook event page:

Edmonton’s Finest



Mike is proud to have his art hung at GOLD STAR JEWELLERS located inside Bonnie Doon Shopping Center!


Soaring Eagle by: Mike Holden

18″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas




Impossible Odds by: Mike Holden

24″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas





A Warrior is not only one of strong physical capabilities, and cunning instincts. A warrior also trains his mind to be at one with his spirit, so he can see beyond the illusions of this world. Here, a lone warrior stands against the enemy, singing his death song and meeting his fate. When overrun by the enemy, Dog Soldiers did not retreat, but rather staked their sashes to the ground with an arrow and sang their way home to the Creator, to ensure a good death. A good death is where one’s life is given with courage and selflessness for his people. Death is seen as only one phase of eternal life, just as birth. Fear in warrior traditions belongs to illusion, as every fate that meets us is bringing us what we need to pass through in this physical realm as spiritual beings

Birthday present!!

Mike Holden painted something special for his mother’s birthday.


Recent commissioned paintings

The customer wanted a rendition of his photograph.


Uncle by: Mike Holden


150 Years Old by: Mike Holden


A Kokum’s love by: Mike Holden


Bear Medicine by: Mike Holden


Paskwaw Mostos by: Mike Holden


Love not war

A Buffalo Spirit’s Crying Prayer; May The Five Flags Stand Together by: Mike Holden
Dimensions: 34” x 34” Acrylic on Canvas


Many First Nations tribes in North America have four flags. The flags are only raised during Sundances or Sweat-lodges. Altogether, painted or drawn, many people call it the Medicine Wheel. What each flag stands for is the four races of man. The yellow being the Asian people, the white being the Caucasian people, the black being the people from Africa and the red being the First Nations people. The flags are tied to the top of willows which act as poles.
The flags are hung as an invitation for spirits from all corners of the mother earth to come and hear the people’s prayers. For all living things that have passed on to the other side to come and help us; guide us; protect us and take our prayers back to the creator; to help us with our struggles; watch over our children, and to help us be successful in whatever it is that we do. Some flags are also hung for specific animal spirit or thunder-beings. Even one for mother earth.
The warriors with blood on their chest have just finished piercing at a sundance, blood has been offered to the creator and the buffalo spirits. The buffalo weeps its own blood for mankind, for world peace. The buffalo has a vision. He wants the flags to stand together, like a teepee’s poles keep each other standing, together as one.
The buffalo was the north american plains peoples source of life; food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Everything. Even still, to this day the buffalo is called up for its strength. For it is the only animal that faces a storm, and gets more aggressive as the storm intensifies. Today we face many storms, abuse, violence, corruption, poverty, hate, addiction and more. The warriors stand in front of the unified nations, in front of the teepees and in front of the people. What stands in front of the warriors?…The buffalo.



2016 Edmonton Water Conservation Dinner and Auction

Mike Holden is privileged to be a part of the  2016 Edmonton Water Conservation Dinner and Auction. Thursday, May 5, 2016
Chateau Lacombe 10111 Bellamy Hill Edmonton, AB,  T5J 1N7
5:00 pm Reception
7:00 pm Dinner.

For more details and to purchase tickets visit http://tucanada.org/index.asp?p=2141

The piece Mike will have up for auction is Buffalo.

3 (640x481)


Huge exciting news!

Mike’s Fine-Art Prints will be up for sale at Western Varieties Wholesale and the River Cree Casino Gift Shop in Edmonton AB! River Cree Gift shop will be hanging Prints of Dreaver and Wandering Spirit by Friday May 6th. Western Variety’s Wholesale will be hanging Prints of Geronimo, Impossible Odds, Six Nations, Iron Confederacy and Dreaver starting early in the week of May 1st – May 7th.

Western Varieties Wholesale

10027 63 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4Z2 
(780) 439-1211



River Cree Resort & Casino

300 East Lapotac Blvd, ENOCH, AB T7X 3Y3
(780) 484-2121

front river cree

Auction of: True History of Cowboys and Indians

Original Art Piece “True History of Cowboys and Indians” will be auctioned off tonight at the The Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre Art Auction Fundraiser tonight 6pm at Sheraton Cavalier Hotel in Saskatoon SK.

Please see following post for more valuable information! Thank you Erie Scoles for your partnership in this wonderful fundraiser event.auctionoriginal-Feb2016

Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre

“Cowboys and Indians” will be auctioned to help support the Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre.

It is a privilege to be a part of this fundraiser event as an artist, but more importantly to contribute back to the Saskatoon community which I had called home as a child. I am especially grateful to have the opportunity to pay respect in this manner to the late Gordon Tootoosis whom I had worked with on the set of the TV series Blackstone.

Thank you to the organizers of this Art Auction who will be showcasing Indigenous artists in support of this great theatre.auctioninfo-Feb2016