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War Party

Diamond Resin Series Limited Edition Charged by the light of Grandmother Moon, and electrified with the courage of their ancestors, three warriors ride into battle on the backs of their fates.


Diamond Resin Series Limited Edition Apache warriors are honored for the courage of their nations which fought with unparalleled bravery against the United States between 1849 and 1886, when Geronimo surrendered, and to a lesser extent for another 38 years after. The tendrils of lightning encasing the warriors are a depiction of how the first […]

Impossible Odds Part lll

Diamond Resin Series Limited Edition A Warrior is not only one of strong physical capabilities, and cunning instincts. A warrior also trains his mind to be at one with his spirit, so he can see beyond the illusions of this world. Here, from the view of a lone warrior, 5 Mounted Warriors stand in front […]