Grandfather Buffalo

Grandmother Buffalo



Summertime Buffalo

10″ x 6″ Acrylic on Canvas


Impossible Odds

18′ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Maskwa Woman Part ll

32″ x 40″

The Eagle has come

In a world of skyscrapers and concrete, our spirits get lost in these cold streets. In the times when we most feel lost, we must remember the teachings of the eagle, to persevere, to fly higher.
Never forget we are children of the Earth and our mother protects

At The Art Gallery of Alberta

Mike Holden is represented by The Art Rental and Sales Gallery located inside The Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmoton, AB.


Impossible Odds Part ll

Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas

Maskwa Woman

Acrylic on Canvas