Returning To The Stars

19″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas – 2018

The warriors that lived on the prairies had the greatest respect for bears that lived with them and shared the food and lands. The same amount of preparation that went into preparing a war party to fight against an enemy tribe went into a hunting party to hunt a single prairie grizzly.Warriors would prepare themselves spiritually, inside sweat lodges, praying for strength, courage, a successful hunt. For nothing to go wrong. For no one to get hurt.They would prepare their weapons, to have the sharpest arrows, the sharpest spears. The tightest strung bows. A single hunting party for a single bear was up to 10-15 warriors.

Ceremony was done and prayers were sent to the creator on behalf of the bear and any animal that was ever hunted. For their spirits to return to the creator. For the spirit to return to the universe. To the source of creation. And my they live on forever.

Every single part of the bear was used. The fat, the muscles, the teeth, the organs. Absolutely nothing was ever wasted. The bear’s body was used to the fullest extent.