Thunderbird Warrior

In Permanent collection of Royal Alberta Museum

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas
Description: The coming of thunder in the spring is a gift from the Thunderbeings, a promise of renewal, an
awakening. The return of the thunder in the spring is a spiritual salve for the losses of the past year, and
throughout the harsh and unforgiving winters. It is a time for warriors to heal, and to grow strong again,
and to prepare. The Thunderbeings bring with their return, the recharge needed for a warrior to rise again
and to hold a place of courage and selflessness for the people. Artist Mike Holden carries Coming of
Thunder, as his traditional spirit name. He is also the son of a lightning strike survivor who carries a name
to honour the Thunderbeings, his name is Lead Thunderbird Man. The Thunderbird is depicted in this painting to show us the unseen bringers
of the thunder and lightning, and the rifles represent the harnessed power of the Thunderbeings that they
were believed to contain when they were first introduced, being powerful instruments to provide for and
protect the people. Behind the warrior is the sun, which returns along with the thunder to renew the
warrior’s strength