Universal Balance

30″ x 39″ Acrylic on Canvas – 2018

We are humble. We are made of the earth and return to the earth, infused with the great mystery and spirit of the stars. We know that we share this place not just with the other tribes of men, but also with all things that hold spirit. When we see that things that hold sacredness are not given their proper place in the circle, we hear our elders and our ancestors say, ahkamēyimōk “try hard”. The warrior tries hard to keep the balance for all things. Mni Wiconi. “Water is Life”. Water is what raises spirits from the earth and sustains them throughout their journey as a four legged, a two legged, a finned, a flyer, a crawler, or a plant. Some of the human nation has forgotten this, putting the entire hoop at risk. We fill our pipes on sacred blankets and ask the Eagles of the winged nation to carry our prayers to Creator, that our humble place be once again remembered by all, and that we ourselves remember always ahkamēyimōk until the balance is restored and there is papayatik “peace”.